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La Tabacalera


Even though the Cuban cigars are a staple worldwide for their enduring virtues, little by little the Mexican tobacco growers have gained a reputation for their quality products that have reached so far as to be recognized among the finest in the world. None have carried the flag for Mexican cigars as proudly as the Turrent family through their Te Amo brand, selling since the sixties fantastic tobacco. However, they recently gained a fierce reputation worldwide thanks to their Revolution, an ovalado blend heralded as probably the finest to ever come out of Mexico, being recognized amongst the top 15 cigars in the world.


As you all know, we love promoting other Mexican brands who are creating artisanal products of the highest quality, and like us, are doing their biggest effort to show the world that the proud work of our artisans is worthy of the international forum.


We created this outfit with this cigar as inspiration. La Tabacalera consists of a light linen jacket, a Guayamisa linen shirt, soft and comfortable fresco wool pants and slip-on loafers made of woven fabric and the highest grade leather.




Made from tobacco-colored Scabal Linen, this jacket was designed to enjoy a good cigar in the hot Mexican summer. It is half-lined and lithgly padded to make it more comfortable to wear, but still elegant enough to wear to the office. We thought it would be fun to add a couple of extra inner-pockets specially designed to hold your cigars and your matches.



We are no fans of the traditional Guayabera. It might be as elegant as a suit in some parts of Mexico, but we still believe that it’s only flattering to just a few people. Enter the Guayamisa. An hybrid between the Guayabera and a dress-shirt, the guayamisa is both fresh and elegant and ideal for the hot Mexican weather thanks to it’s imported linen.




For the pants we wanted to keep with the fresh theme, that’s why we chose to use fresco wool cloth for the pants. It’s just as comfortable and fresh as linen, but it doesn’t wrinkle as much. The slip-on loafers were custom-made for us up in Leon, Guanajuato by master shoemakers. They are made using woven fabric in order to make them fresh, but still hold their shape thanks to the highest-quality leather we use for the construction on the shoe-shell.




La Tabacalera is a complete outfit that is made to order in our atelier in Mexico City. If you are interested in the full look, please send us a message below so we may contact you for an appointment.