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 We try to be super clear in the way we charge for our garments. We charge a single fee per garment, and to the final price we will add the cost ofthe fabric you chose. Our starting prices are:

 -2 Piece Suit: $13,900

-Vest: $2,800

-Trousers: $3,810

-Jacket: $10,090

-Shirt: $2,800

 *These prices don’t include the cloth or shirting fabric. Prices are in Mexican Pesos and it already includes VAT. The shipping and adjustments are complementary.



A couple of things, really. But let’s focus on the tangible: fit, quality, craftsmanship and design.

The Fit of our suits is the best in Mexico for the simple reason that each client has his (or her) own pattern, carefully hand-drafted to accommodate for all the perfect imperfections of your unique silhouette. Thanks to the fittings we do during the construction process we manage to polish the fit even more, so when the suit is ready to ship it’s already perfect.  

Our Quality is achieved by using the best materials to create each garment. We don’t skim on the quality of what’s inside because we believe it’s just as important as by what’s outside. We use horse-hair and camel-hair for our canvas and authentic horn buttons for the suits.

Nothing makes us prouder than our Craftsmanship. Thanks to the teamwork from all our trained tailors we managed to polish our craft, honed by the proud making of hundreds of suits during hundreds of hours of careful practice.

And finally our Design. We are continuously innovating because we firmly believe that people chose brands based on the new ideas they bring to the table. After all, nobody likes a copy cat. We have a strong “house style” that we call “The Colonial Style” which is a unique blend of Spanish, French and Latin styles of tailoring.



1. APPOINTMENT – In order to give special attention to each client we operate by appointment only. In this first meeting you can visit us at our showroom or at our atelier. We’ll bring with us a curated fabric selection and we’ll design together your garments. We will also use this opportunity to measure you. Please consider a minimum 5-week lead time for your suit and 2 weeks for your shirts.

2. FIRST FITTING – After 4 weeks your suit will be ready for the first fitting. We will inspect the overall fit of the suit before placing the sleeves. Any alteration or adjustment will be done after this fitting.

3. SECOND FITTING – During the fifth week we will work on any alteration or adjustment and we will place the sleeves. We will also hand-press the suit for you and invite you to a final fitting. The suit should be ready by now.

4. DELIVERY – The delivery will be on us and we will make sure you receive the suit properly at your home or office. From then on we will keep your unique pattern so re-ordering is as simple as possible. We can keep as many patterns as you want, so if you feel your measurements changed we can measure you again.



Please consider that we take around 5 weeks to create each suit and around 2 weeks for the shirts. Please take this into account when ordering your suit because we don’t offer rush service. We believe nothing good comes out of rushing things.

This turnaround time may vary depending on the design of your suit, or if you order a special cloth.



Our offices, showroom and atelier are all located in the majestically super-huge Mexico City. If you are ever in town let us know. We’ll invite you to our showroom, we’ll smoke a couple of cigars and enjoy a xícara of mezcal. 



We sure do! Above, we describe our custom process for an in-person visit to our atelier in Mexico City. But, if you are not able to visit in-person, or if you live outside of Mexico we would be happy to work on your custom tailored garments from afar. The process will be a bit different and we won’t be able to do the fittings and it’s important to note that your suit will be made to measure.



We only use the finest cloth and shirting fabrics from around the world for our garments. For our starting suits we like working with a locally woven cloth from Soria that uses fine Merino wool in their centuries-old mill. For our more luxurious suits we work exclusively with Scabal cloth. We believe they have the best cloth out there and to be honest, we just like the Scabal lads better.

For our linen suits we like using Japanese linen but for super special occasions we love working with irish linen.



The cost of alterations are cordially included in the initial purchase. We only charge for alterations when it’s a result of a significant and measurable change in build. We only make alterations to Sartelier garments. 



We make each suit one at the time and even though we have a strong house style, we can literally create the suit any way you want it from hundreds of possible combinations of detail designs. If you have any crazy ideas in mind we are always open for a challenge, but some of the detail options you can chose from are:

-Fit: Classic or fitted

-Lapels: Notch, Slim Notch, Peak, Wide Peak, Shawl and Arrow, and formalwear options as well.

-Pockets: Flap, Hacking, Jetted, Jetted Slanted, Patch alla pignata, and Ticket Pocket.

-Button closure: One button, two-button, three-button, 3-roll-2, Double Breasted 6x4,  4x1 and 2x1.

-Construction: Deconstructed, Natural and Super-Rollino.

-Trousers: European cut and Regular cut. With and without turn up. Side adjusters or belt loops. With or without back pockets.

-Special details: pickstitching, highlighted pockets, dozens of lining colors, etc.



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