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La Romita


As fans of our brand will already know, we aren’t that fond of your average suit. We believe that most of the designs out there are nearly identical and we specially hate the generic shoulder you’ll find on your common OTR suit.



Precisely because of this and due to the fact that we couldn’t find a different suit style available that we decided to redirect all our efforts on creating something unique. To achieve this, we went back to the drawing board and we began playing with different shapes, styles and constructions.


With the Tabacalera we presented a Natural shoulder with minimal rope that became very popular for office wear, and with the La Provence we managed to achieve a more relaxed look by going totally deconstructed.

 Now, we proudly introduce our third shoulder style: Super Roped


As you can see, at the end of the shoulder, right were the sleeve begins there’s a thing called “the rope”. An average American style jacket usually has a 1” rope to make it look more natural and a little bit less formal. Our rope is nearly 3” thick! We do this in order to create a much stronger silhouette and a more elegant figure, that combined with a nice fit at the slimmest part of the torso will create an elegant “hourglass” figure in the body.


This design is called La Romita, and it’s our take on a more “French” style of tailoring, reimagined with a Latin flavor, inspired by the neighborhood in Mexico City with the same name.

 The Jacket was made using a Super 120 cloth from Huddersfield, and a Super 100 off-white merino wool pants from Scabal cloth and a Superfine Prince of Wales plaid design from Scabal for the vest.


La Romita  is a complete outfit that is made to order in our atelier in Mexico City. If you are interested in the full look, please send us a message below so we may contact you for an appointment.