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How does the process work?


1. APPOINTMENT – In order to give special attention to each client, we operate by appointment only. We'll be happy to welcome you at our showroom or at our workshop. We’ll bring with us a curated fabric selection so we can design together your garments. We will also use this opportunity to measure you. Please consider a minimum 5-week turnaround time for your suit and 2 weeks for your shirts.

2. FIRST FITTING – After 4 weeks your suit will be ready for the first fitting. We will inspect the overall fit of the suit before placing the sleeves. Any alteration or adjustment will be done after this fitting.

3. SECOND FITTING – During the fifth week we will work on any alteration or adjustment and we will place the sleeves. We will also hand-press the suit for you and invite you to a final fitting. The suit should be ready by now.

4. DELIVERY – The delivery will be on us and we will make sure you receive the suit properly at your home or office. From then on we will keep your unique pattern so re-ordering is as simple as possible. We can keep as many patterns as you want, so if you feel your measurements changed we can measure you again.

To schedule an appointment please feel free to leave us a message below: